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Senin, 10 November 2008

How are you prends?

This is the first writing with the use of the English language. Did you know, why you become healthy and sick? The herbalis said that the colon (large intestine) is the source of all sources of the disease.
When we gut harmed by the piles of remaining food inherent in the intestinal wall causing obstruction of the flow through the anus disposal.

The following are reasons for the intestinal blockage:
1. Food is not balanced
2. Processed food
3. Plag
4. Toxins

Symptoms that appear when someone has a weak digestive system:
1. Agency / breath odor
2. Slow food in mencerna
3. Hair dry / damaged
4. Discard the wind after eating
5. Less food taste
6. Defecate (BAB) less than 2x
7. Aberration in the skin
8. Weak bones and teeth

Here is a disease related to the digestive system:
1. Disease in the tonsil on the mouth organ, such as tonsil, etc..
2. Disease in the esophagus
3. Diseases in stomach
4. Spastic colon
5. Tumors, especially in the area of the mouth and stomach
6. In the large bowel disease

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